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Melody Sweets
and friends!


Baking, boobies … and, one evil donut 🍩
Ep. 1 - Girls Just Want to Have Sweets

Melody invites her burlesque friends over to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Ep. 2 - Burnin' Love (Hunka Hunka)

When Melody accidentally puts a little too much spice into her cake, everyone starts to resemble Elvis.

Ep. 3 - Wake & Bake

Melody takes a bite from a tiny cookie that says “EAT ME” and down the rabbit hole she falls.

Ep. 4 - Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli

A Mafia goon shakes Melody down for her coveted cannoli recipe in this dramatic black and white episode.

Ep. 5 - Slice of Heaven

Has Melody died and gone to heaven?

Join us in this salacious celestial orgy of decadence.

Also, Jesus saves us all from a fate worse than death ... gluten!

Ep. 6 - That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles

It’s the end of the world and Melody realizes what’s really important:

Doing what (and who) you love.

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