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Meet the Team

Created by Melody Sweets


Co-Created by Melissa King-Jules


Written by: 

Melody Sweets, Anaïs Thomassian and Melissa King-Jules


Directed by

Anaïs Thomassian


Assistant Director 

Mike Thompson


Director of Photography  

Jerry Thompson and Mike Thompson


Executive Producer

Anaïs Thomassian



Melody Sweets


Melissa King Jules


Associate Producer

May May Luong 


Production Designer

Zach VanTilborg


Props Specialist

Voki Kalfayan

Camera Operators 

Mike Thompson

Scott Thompson

Evan Nix

Robert Shupe

Ahmad Abushamma


Grip & Electric 

Alfredo Montenegro, Dacen Batara


Production Sound Mixer 

Evan Nix

Nick Byer



Evan Nix


Additional Editors

Nick Byer

Ryan LeBoeuf

Cody LeBoeuf 


Visual Effects 

Evan Nix

Adam Nix

Jerry Thompson

Costume Designer:

Melissa King-Jules of MsTickle Arts


Head of Wardrobe

Melissa King-Jules


Wardrobe Assistants 

Atsuko Koga

Megan Lamb


Makeup Designer

Letty Lopez


Makeup Assistants

Eden Walton

Candace Campbell



Eden Walton 

On-set catering

Voki Kalfayan

Cast *in order of appearance*

Miss Behave as the voice of the House

Anaïs Thomassian as the voice of Sprinkles

Pearl as Pearl the American Bulldog

Heather Holliday

Sabina Kelley

Skye Dee Miles

Hazel Honeysuckle

Joshua Danger - The Frigid Heirs | Vox & Keys

Isaac Tubb - The Frigid Heirs | Trumpet

Mike "Beans" Begnino - The Frigid Heirs | Drums

Robert John Kley - The Frigid Heirs | Standup Bass

Darby Fox


Michelle L'amour

Kasey Wilson as Felicity Munson


Bradford Scobie as Dr. Donut


"Sweets Spot" Theme

Written by: Melody Sweets

Music by: Mike Williams

Performed by: Melody Sweets,

Isaac Tubb on trumpet

"Slice of Heaven" 

Written by: Melody Sweets and Mike Williams

Alex Heitlinger on Trombone

Ben Holmes on Trumpet

Mike McGuinis on Tenor Saxophone and Clarinet

Horns arranged by Mike McGuinis


"Oh, Sugar!" 

Written by: Joshua Danger

Music by: Joshua Danger

Performed by: Melody Sweets and Joshua Danger

GrooveHelmet Productions Inc.



Written by: Fish Circus

Performed by: Fish Circus

Recorded by: Travis Tetzlaff

Mixed by: Daniel S. McCoy


Thank you’s


Saville Kellner

Katie Kellner

Zoe Kellner

Ming Fang 

Alexa Hukari

Ani Kalfayan

The Beverly Theater

Ada Garcia and Cyd Anderson

Jordan Adler

Deana Marie Kirsch

Roxy Mojica

Laura Herbert

Champagne Creative

Mike “Beans” Benigno

Robert John Kley

Mher Vahakn

Jonathan Tayler

Zoë Kellner

Kip Kelly

Joshua Danger

Melody's neighbors - Paradise Palms, Las Vegas!


Sweets' Spot was filmed in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada

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